Benefits to the Trainees

  1. Perform world-class interdisciplinary research
  2. Be part of a select group of talented graduate students
  3. Receive personalized career development advice
  4. Participate in a 10 week FEWS internship
  5. Attend FEWS communication course and workshop
  6. Attend Business and Entrepreneurship seminars
  7. Receive a Leaders in Sustainability Certificate
  8. Attend Brown bag lunch FEWS seminar series
  9. Participate in the production of FEWS social media series
  10. Participate in community outreach



  1. Graduate students applying or enrolled in Engineering, Physical Science, and Life Science at UCLA
  2. Degree objective: MS or PhD
  3. Domestic and International students can participate. Stipend students must be US Citizens. Underrepresented minority students are encouraged to apply.
  4. Apply


Typical schedule of the traineeship

INFEWS Traineeship Schedule Graphic